18 Fremont – Las Vegas

Before you invest in any EB5 project, consider the following factors:

 18 Fremont ProjectOther Projects
Security18 Fremont has committed to include security on the EB-5 project but also additional security on the revenue of their other 2 operating enterprises(The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino and The D Las Vegas).Many projects will give security on only their ongoing EB-5 related project which may not be enough to cover the EB-5 debt.
Exemplar Approved Project18 Fremont has received Exemplar Approval,
The highest level of approval by USCIS.
Many other Regional Center(RC) projects do not have Exemplar Approval designation, and still need to get USCIS approval for their projects.
Job Creation tied to construction onlyJobs are created during construction only and not tied to operations. This helps reduce risk.Many EB-5 projects may have the EB-5 investment tied to the operational success of the project. This could be a larger risk.
Minimum 10 Jobs per investor18 Fremont will create 48 to 50 Jobs per investor. Significant number of jobs have already been created.Many projects don’t have such a high job cushion which can put the 10 jobs per investor requirement at risk.
Project EquityOwnership generates approximately $130
-140 Million USD annually from their other businesses, which creates cash flow that can be used to payback EB-5 investors.
Some projects’ repayment is dependent on whether the project gets completed and is successful.
Broker DealerPCEG has retained a broker dealer in order to provide the project and the investors an added layer of financial over sight protection. This is best practices in the industry.Many RC’s don’t hire broker-dealers. It isn’t required and is an added expense that many RC’s choose not to incur.
Targeted Employment Area(TEA)The 18 Fremont project is within a Target Employment Area (TEA) and uses only 2 cens us tracts to get TEA designation.Projects in large down town areas sometimes join as many as 20 to 30 +cens us tracts to get TEA designation. This is risk ieras they may lose their TEA designation if new TEA rules are enacted.
Rate of Return18 Fremont features annual rates of return
that are on the high end of EB-5 projects.
Many of the other RC’s offer lower rates of return.
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